Using Snap Schedule iPhone App

Use Snap Schedule iPhone app, to access your work schedule, or request time off, from anywhere. Just tap “Schedule” to see all your shifts for the month.  Look ahead to next month, go back to last month, or see one week at a time.  Click on a shift, to see exactly when you should report, which Tasks you need to complete, and which Location to go to.  Just tap, for… Read More »Using Snap Schedule iPhone App

Attendance Management

With Snap Schedule Premium, your employees can punch in and out using Employee Remote Access, and you can monitor their attendance from your desktop. To turn on this special feature, just go to the Manage tab, click on “Employee Access,” and then check “Allow employees to punch in and out.”  You can also set limits here.  How early and how late can your employees punch in?  How early or late… Read More »Attendance Management

Keep scheduling and employee information in one place

Running a service business means that you have to maintain a lot of contact data. All too often this data is spread out among a number of locations. Operations will have phone numbers for employees and the primary client contacts. Site supervisors will have primary, alternate and last ditch contact information for their site. Sales will have an entirely separate list. To make it more difficult these lists will be… Read More »Keep scheduling and employee information in one place

Scheduling security guards on the contract you just won

Landing a big contract at a large site is every security salesperson’s dream. Contracts known as 108’s (1 guard, 2 shifts, 7 days a week), 168’s (1 guard, 3 shifts, 7 days a week, and 236’s (2 guards, 3 shifts, 7 days a week) are fairly common. They are the bread and butter jobs that provide the bulk of a company’s book of business. Nailing the big one with 3000… Read More »Scheduling security guards on the contract you just won

Benefits of using security guard scheduling software

It would be safe to say that pencil and paper scheduling is about as dead as the old Dodo bird, or would it? Supervisors at small sites still do security officer scheduling on a printed template. Dispatchers take calls from employees and record hours on and off duty on a call log. Even companies that use electronic payroll processing often work from handwritten sign-in sheets. It’s all messy, time consuming… Read More »Benefits of using security guard scheduling software

Minimize Security Guard Turnover

The security industry has long fought one major problem in their business operations. That’s the problem of high employee turnover. The average rate is about 50% per year. Many companies see a higher yearly turnover that’s much higher. A few well-run security contractors see far, far less. What are they doing to retain employees? Make no mistake; the first problem with high turnover rates is the direct expense of replacing… Read More »Minimize Security Guard Turnover

Ways for security companies to fully utilize their security guard’s time

Most contract security positions do not involve a lot of physical work. The bulk of the job is simply to observe and report. Having said this, there are a number of ways employees can waste your time and that of the client’s. The one thing you don’t want to happen is for the client to get the idea he is paying for nothing. This is what leads clients to replace… Read More »Ways for security companies to fully utilize their security guard’s time

Why You Shouldn’t Use Excel Spreadsheets To Schedule Employees

When creating an employee work schedule, one can stress over finding a good balance between employee requests, shift scheduling requirements and complying with labor rules and industry standards. If you create your employee work schedules using Excel spreadsheets, there are many conflicting aspects that are not being controlled. Excel spreadsheets do not calculate understaffing or overstaffing of your employees. This means unnecessary spending that could easily be spotted if you… Read More »Why You Shouldn’t Use Excel Spreadsheets To Schedule Employees