Could You Be Held Liable for Wage and Hour Violations?

If you are an owner, officer, director, managing agent or other person acting on behalf of an employer in California you should be proactive in complying with the labor code. Provisions in the “A Fair Day’s Pay Act” included changes that can directly affect these positions. Specifically, section 558.1 touches upon expansion of liability for wage and hour violations. This section details, “any employer or other person acting on behalf… Read More »Could You Be Held Liable for Wage and Hour Violations?

Ensure Advance Notice of Work Schedules with Snap Schedule 365

The US is ripe for new legislation in regard to predictable employee scheduling, and similar scheduling regulations. Recently, Seattle’s city council passed the “secure scheduling” law , and other areas in the U.S. such as Oregon, New York, North Carolina, and Connecticut are considering legislation in regard to employee management. Seattle is following San Francisco’s lead, which recently passed what has been referred to as the Formula Retail Workers Bill… Read More »Ensure Advance Notice of Work Schedules with Snap Schedule 365

secure scheduling law approved

Can More Strict Employee Scheduling Laws Be In Your Business’ Future?

Seattle’s proposed “secure scheduling” law is at the forefront of the worker’s rights movement attempting to gain more stable and predictable work schedules for retail and food-service workers. The “secure scheduling” law is among the first of its kind in the United States of America. The Seattle City Council committee held their meeting Monday, September 19 to vote on this new law. The council has voted in favor of the… Read More »Can More Strict Employee Scheduling Laws Be In Your Business’ Future?

What will it mean for employers if the Seattle “Secure scheduling” law is passed?

The “secure scheduling” law up for vote in Seattle, if passed, will impact retail and quick-serve food and drink businesses that employ at least 500 employees and 40 or more locations. So what will this mean for schedulers who plan, set, and distribute schedules to employees? Some of the main regulations that have been reported to be included in the Seattle “secure scheduling” law involve: Keeping records for three years… Read More »What will it mean for employers if the Seattle “Secure scheduling” law is passed?

Joint Employer Status, Franchise Business Model, and Employee Management

The case of whether McDonald’s is considered a joint-employer alongside its franchisees has been brewing and building for the past few years. McDonald’s finally headed to trial in March 2016, and is arguing against the National Labor Relations Board judgments. There has been much speculation around this case including what the long-term affects on the franchise business model will be, how employees will be managed, and how liability will be… Read More »Joint Employer Status, Franchise Business Model, and Employee Management

About Pre-Designed Schedule Plans

Suppose you were asked to come up with a shift schedule for your business. You have studied your business needs, workload, labor rules, health and safety requirements, and are aware of your employees’ desires and preferences. Ready to tackle the task, you begin to sketch out different shift patterns, draw the X’s and O’s to represent working and non-working days, and juggle the number of employees and shifts to get… Read More »About Pre-Designed Schedule Plans

Test Drive Snap Schedule Premium

Welcome to your test drive of Snap Schedule Premium. In the next few minutes, I’ll show you how to install the software, set up your free trial, and start exploring. If you haven’t already done so, please go to, and click on “Test Drive.” On the sign up form, enter your contact details, choose a “company code” (that is, a name to identify your company), select a username and… Read More »Test Drive Snap Schedule Premium

Maintaining Complete Employee Data

You can use Snap Schedule Premium Employee Scheduling Software to maintain complete information about your employees. If you already maintain employee data elsewhere, you can go to the File section, and import this data from Intuit Quickbooks or MS Excel. If not, just go to the Manage section to define all sorts of Employee Data, including your individual Employees, the Positions they fill, their Skills and certifications, and more. “Positions”… Read More »Maintaining Complete Employee Data

Payroll and Pay Incentives

Use Snap Schedule Premium to plan your payroll and pay incentives, like on-call payments, overtime pay, and more. You can go to the Manage section and click on “Employees,” for a list of your staff. Double-click on an employee to set basic details, including their hourly wage. Then, click on “Settings” and go to the “Default Settings” tab, to define your rules for overtime pay. Snap Schedule Premium handles all… Read More »Payroll and Pay Incentives

Handling Last Minute Schedule Changes

One of the headaches any operations manager faces is dealing with last minute schedule changes. There are a number of reasons for those changes. The most common is when someone calls off at the last minute. You find yourself scrambling to get a replacement out to the site. All too often the only criteria are that it be a warm, living body who will agree to go right out. That… Read More »Handling Last Minute Schedule Changes