About Pre-Designed Schedule Plans

Suppose you were asked to come up with a shift schedule for your business. You have studied your business needs, workload, labor rules, health and safety requirements, and are aware of your employees’ desires and preferences. Ready to tackle the task, you begin to sketch out different shift patterns, draw the X’s and O’s to represent working and non-working days, and juggle the number of employees and shifts to get… Read More »About Pre-Designed Schedule Plans

Test Drive Snap Schedule Premium

Welcome to your test drive of Snap Schedule Premium. In the next few minutes, I’ll show you how to install the software, set up your free trial, and start exploring. If you haven’t already done so, please go to, and click on “Test Drive.” On the sign up form, enter your contact details, choose a “company code” (that is, a name to identify your company), select a username and… Read More »Test Drive Snap Schedule Premium

Maintaining Complete Employee Data

You can use Snap Schedule Premium Employee Scheduling Software to maintain complete information about your employees. If you already maintain employee data elsewhere, you can go to the File section, and import this data from Intuit Quickbooks or MS Excel. If not, just go to the Manage section to define all sorts of Employee Data, including your individual Employees, the Positions they fill, their Skills and certifications, and more. “Positions”… Read More »Maintaining Complete Employee Data

Payroll and Pay Incentives

Use Snap Schedule Premium to plan your payroll and pay incentives, like on-call payments, overtime pay, and more. You can go to the Manage section and click on “Employees,” for a list of your staff. Double-click on an employee to set basic details, including their hourly wage. Then, click on “Settings” and go to the “Default Settings” tab, to define your rules for overtime pay. Snap Schedule Premium handles all… Read More »Payroll and Pay Incentives

Handling Last Minute Schedule Changes

One of the headaches any operations manager faces is dealing with last minute schedule changes. There are a number of reasons for those changes. The most common is when someone calls off at the last minute. You find yourself scrambling to get a replacement out to the site. All too often the only criteria are that it be a warm, living body who will agree to go right out. That… Read More »Handling Last Minute Schedule Changes

Detail at Your Fingertips

There are many scheduling programs on the market today. They all do about the same thing. A basic scheduling program allows the manager to define work assignments (aka “slots”) and fill them with employees. This function gets more complicated with contract security companies. That’s because there are multiple sites with varying time slots and a variable number of employees needed to fill them. Some sites will even have different tasks… Read More »Detail at Your Fingertips

Save time and money with effective scheduling tools

Running a security company, or any business, involves a multitude of tasks for the office staff. You are most likely the only office staff in the first two years after start-up. Your time will be stretched very thin. The quicker you can complete one task the more time you have for other jobs. Here is an example for you. One regional company used a full-time administrator just to do scheduling… Read More »Save time and money with effective scheduling tools

Employee work hours reports

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software offers a variety of reports you can run to break down your data for analysis. The creators set up reports for just about every type of data output you might need. For example, there are twelve reports for employee work hours alone. However, you may have a need for another type of report, or more detail on a standard one. Snap Schedule offers you a… Read More »Employee work hours reports

Complicated security officer scheduling needs simple software

Security officer shift scheduling is difficult. Employees have to be dispatched to multiple sites with multiple contract requirements. Security patrols within sites make it even more complicated. Client A is 168 hours per week (Hpw) on a regular schedule. Client B starts at 108 hpw but guards leave when the warehouse shuts down. That could be earlier than scheduled or later than expected. The all time monster was a client… Read More »Complicated security officer scheduling needs simple software

Get security officer scheduling right the first time

There’s nothing worse than slaving over a shift schedule for hours and being told there’s a mistake right after you post it. Sometimes the reasons are obvious: Mistakes in totaling the hours; forgetting the new guy; or, letting your attention slip for a minute. Others come out of nowhere: The time change’s effect on hours worked; Client A’s complaint six months ago not to send Guard B to his site… Read More »Get security officer scheduling right the first time