Changing Views

Snap Schedule 365 provides different viewing options for the same schedule information. There are eight available schedule views:

  1. The Daily View by Employee
  2. The Daily View by Shift
  3. The Shift View
  4. The Calendar View by Employee
  5. The Calendar View by Shift
  6. The Task View by Employee
  7. The Task View by Task
  8. The Punch View

Each of these views presents your employees, shift assignments, and even time off assignments in different but helpful ways. Each view has specific functions and components to help you effectively manage your scheduling needs. For example, you might prefer to view your schedule graphically in a spreadsheet-like format by day (Daily Views) but when making shift assignments you might prefer drag-and-drop scheduling and shift coverage monitoring used in the Shift View.

To complement the shifts that you assign to employees, you can use the Task View by Employee to assign specific tasks that an employee must perform during a shift.

To view/modify the recorded times that employees punch in/out, you can use the Punch View. This view is handy because it allows schedulers to punch the employee in/out of a shift, remove the punch record, and more.

To view important schedule information on a single page, you can use the Scheduler Dashboard. Information is presented in color-coded graphs and allow you to easily view daily statistics, approve/deny pending requests, and view upcoming schedule events.