Reading these short tutorials is a quick and efficient way for you to get started with our Snap Schedule employee scheduling software.

Using Snap Schedule iPhone App

Use Snap Schedule iPhone app, to access your work schedule, or request time off, from anywhere. Just tap “Schedule” to see all your shifts for the month.  Look ahead to next month, go back to last month, or see one week at a time.  Click on a shift, to see exactly when you should report, which Tasks you need to complete, and which Location to go to.  Just tap, for… Read More »Using Snap Schedule iPhone App

Attendance Management

With Snap Schedule Premium, your employees can punch in and out using Employee Remote Access, and you can monitor their attendance from your desktop. To turn on this special feature, just go to the Manage tab, click on “Employee Access,” and then check “Allow employees to punch in and out.”  You can also set limits here.  How early and how late can your employees punch in?  How early or late… Read More »Attendance Management