About the User Interface

The Snap Schedule 365 user interface (UI) is designed  to be flexible across all screen resolutions and devices. Whether you’re viewing Snap Schedule 365 on your smartphone or a laptop, it will be easy to navigate on differing screen sizes, thus providing an optimal experience with minimum re-sizing and scrolling.



The user interface consists of the following elements:

  1. The Main Menu: The Main Menu is a region at the top of the screen that contains a set of tabs on the left side and the title of the selected command on the right side.  Clicking on a tab that with a drop-down icon will show a menu of related commands grouped by features. The Main Menu tabs are:
  1. The Toolbar: The Toolbar is located below the Main menu and provides context sensitive toolbar buttons that are applicable to the selected Main Menu command. When you hover the mouse over a toolbar button,  Snap Schedule 365 shows a tooltip pop-up that explains its function in just a few lines of text.
  2. The Content Area: The Content Area is your work area and it displays information resulted from your commands.  It is context sensitive, meaning that its content changes when you select a new schedule view, list, or report.  The content pane is  where you view, add, and work with schedules and data in Snap Schedule 365.  Depending on the tab and commands you have selected, this area may show a daily, shift, or calendar view of the schedule; a dashboard; or a list of items.  Use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars, when displayed, to scroll through the items displayed in the work area.


Lists provide an easy way to find, group, filter, sort, and present a large number of data records.  You can select which list to view from the Manage Tab and the list content will be displayed in tabular format in the work area.  Double-clicking a record on the list will open a data entry form that allows you to view and edit detailed record data.  Right-clicking an entry on the list will display a context menu containing available commands specific to the entry.  Refer to the  About Lists section for additional information.



Forms, or popup windows, are a core feature behind Snap Schedule 365's user interface. Forms are used to:

Not only do forms display information and accept your input, they also allow you to interact with lists by giving you the power to: